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New cooperation with Spirig Pharma AG

Ewopharma AG is pleased to announce its new cooperation with Spirig Pharma AG, an independent Swiss dermatology specialist. Spirig is clear market leader in dermatology in Switzerland and is selling its products successfully also in Europe and North America. Ewopharma will act as exclusive distributor of  Spirig on the Polish market as from September 2011. Spirig’s innovative products will be promoted by Ewopharma’s dedicated consumer healthcare sales force to dermatologists, pediatricians, pharmacists and consumers. Emollients for dry skin disorders and skin protection solutions for hands at work are offered under the Excipial brand. Under the Daylong brand, a range of leading sun protection products will be marketed; amongst others Daylong actinica, the first sunscreen clinically proven to reduce the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer in high-risk patients. Products for fungal infections and keratolytic disorders complete the portfolio in Poland.