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Ewopharma is complementing its portfolio with innovative phytotherapy products

Ewopharma is extending its portfolio of herbal drugs with several evidence-based products. The new products complement Ewopharma’s offer in gastroenterology, pediatrics and gynecology:

Tilman is an innovative Belgium producer of plant-based healthcare products. Ewopharma is launching a broad portfolio of products in different CEE countries ranging from antiemetic products to solutions for digestion problems, joint pain, atopic dermatitis as well as food supplements for breast feeding mothers.

Calmino Group is a Swedish company focused on gastrointestinal healthcare, oral care and skin care. Ewopharma will launch PROIBS; a food for special medial purpose for the dietary management of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It contains a standardized Aloe Vera extract and has successfully completed a randomized placebo study at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden.

Se-cure Pharmaceuticals is research-driven company from Israel. Ewopharma will launch their product Femarelle; a selective estrogen receptor modulator. It contains a standardized fermented soy extract relieving menopausal symptoms and treating osteopenia. Clinical studies show that the product is as effective as hormone therapies.